Claude Adams (@Clawman1) is a freelance writer, producer, videographer, and documentary filmmaker who has worked in all media for more than four decades. In 2003, he was the Canwest Visiting Professor of Broadcast Journalism at the University of British Columbia, where he taught at the post-graduate level until 2005.

Adams has produced documentaries in Africa, Asia and the Far East, often doing his own camera work. 
In 1998, he produced a full-length documentary entitled Rwanda: Out of the Darkness, about the extraordinary pressures on the country’s justice system four years after the genocide. He also filmed clandestinely in China for a History Television documentary on a victim of the Cultural Revolution.

As a special roving correspondent for Global Television News, Adams reported from Colombia, Haiti, 
Bosnia, Egypt, Hong Kong, South Africa and Iraq. He was also chief European correspondent for CBC’s The National, and covered the collapse of the Berlin Wall, and the end of Communism in Europe. Later,he worked with The Christian Science Monitor’s broadcast operations in Europe and Africa, and his reporting on a famine in Ethiopia was cited by the Foreign Press Club.

In 2007, he was invited to teach broadcast journalism at Rwanda’s State University, as part of Carleton University’s Rwanda Initiative.

Adams is the co-author of a best-selling book, The Canadian Caper, about the heroics of Ambassador Ken Taylor and the other 
Canadian diplomats who rescued six American officials during the Iranian hostage crisis. He was the Washington bureau chief for the now-defunct Montreal Star, and he has since written for most of Canada’s major newspapers and a number of magazines, and is an active blogger.

Claude lives in Toronto and is working on a book/documentary project.