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Esther Enkin

Esther Enkin was appointed Ombudsman for CBC’s English Services in November 2012. She retired from the position in 2019. 

Ms. Enkin has over 25 years of journalism experience with CBC News, and is widely recognized in Canada and abroad for her knowledge and leadership in the field of journalistic ethics, theory and practice. 

Until her nomination as CBC Ombudsman, she was Executive Editor of CBC News, where she was responsible for the quality of CBC journalism, overseeing the development of policy and ensuring CBC's journalistic standards were met nationally and regionally, on all platforms. 

In 2010, she, along with a colleague from Radio Canada, was in charge of the rewriting and redevelopment of CBC's Journalistic Standards and Practices. She provided close to 2,000 employees with training on the new Standards and Practices. 

Before that, Ms. Enkin was Deputy Editor in Chief for CBC News. In that capacity, she ensured compliance with CBC's Journalistic Standards and Practices throughout CBC and managed the integration of radio, television and on-line news. She had begun working on the integration of newsrooms and newsgathering processes in her previous position as Director of Content Development. 

Prior to that, Ms. Enkin occupied several key positions at CBC News, including Head of Information Programming and Chief Journalist, Deputy Managing Editor, Senior Assignment Editor, Senior Editor for the World at Six and Field Producer for The Journal, where her documentaries won several international journalism awards. 

Ms. Enkin earned a Bachelor of Journalism Honors degree from Carleton University. She is Vice-President of the Canadian Journalism Forum on Violence and Trauma, and serves on the Ethics Committee of the Canadian Association of Journalists.