Giselle Portenier is an acclaimed 
documentary filmmaker and journalist who 
has consistently focused on human rights,
especially the human rights of women and 
children. Her groundbreaking films have 
received numerous international awards
including two Peabody awards, and have 
been instrumental in changing minds, 
changing lives, and changing laws. 

She started her career as a reporter and anchor at BCTV News in 
Vancouver, and worked as foreign editor for ABC News and as an 
Associate Producer for CBS 60 Minutes in London, England, before joining 
the BBC in 1986. During her time there, she produced and directed dozens
 of documentaries, including Murder in Purdah about honour killings in 
Pakistan; Condemned to Live, about torture and rape during the Rwandan
genocide; The Slave Children, about child slavery in West Africa; The 
Disposables about the murder of homeless people, petty thieves, and 
homosexuals in Colombia; 
Dying for Sex, about sex trafficking in Thailand,
 and Let Her Die, about the murder of baby girls and the huge numbers of 
female fetuses aborted in India. 
Most recently she wrote about the plight of 
thousands of survivors of FGM (female genital mutilation) living in Canada. 

Her latest documentary, In the Name of Your Daughter, gives a voice 
to young girls in Tanzania who risk their lives to escape FGM and child 

She was the first CanWest Global visiting professor at the School of 
Journalism at the University of British Columbia and in 2014 received an 
honorary Doctor of Laws from Carleton University.  Portenier is on the 
Board of the Canadian Journalism Forum on Violence and Trauma. Giselle 
regularly speaks about journalism and human rights, and lives in
with her husband, Chris Browne.