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Jane Hawkes

Jane Hawkes is a co-founder, with Cliff Lonsdale, of the Canadian Journalism Forum on Violence and Trauma and also serves as its executive producer and secretary-treasurer. 

She is an independent television documentary producer whose work has explored a wide variety of topics 
including criminal forensics, artificial intelligence, medical innovation, consumer health and safety, and the politics of climate change.

After a first career in music, she joined the CBC and worked primarily in radio. As International Relations Officer for CBC English Radio, she also worked on productions for the BBC and National Public Radio. 

Jane spent five years as Assistant to the Secretary-General of NANBA (the North American National Broadcasters 
Association – now NABA).

She joined Black Inc. Productions in 1994, based first in Hong Kong and later in Toronto. She has edited abroad for CBC TV News and others, 
filmed on her own documentaries in Asia, Europe and Africa and reported on Asian arts and culture for CBC Radio. She has produced six one-hour television documentaries and two four-hour mini-series seen on The Discovery Channel and sold to broadcasters in 90 other countries and territories around the world. 

Jane is an advisory group member of the UK-based International News Safety Institute, having served on its executive board from 2010-2013 
and as its global treasurer from 2012-2013. She is also a contributing editor to the online publication, J-Source.