FFF Mini-Bursaries 2020

This new FFF competition for 2020 provides a stream of smaller bursaries than those provided by the regular FFF program, intended to help freelancers take advantage of virtual safety courses now being offered by our approved course providers and by other journalism organizations. Funding has currently been reserved for at least 15 winners of bursaries up to $400 CAD

Mini-bursaries will be awarded on a continuing basis until funding is exhausted or the Forum announces its closure. This program is an experimental one, tailored to the current circumstances resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.  


Announcing the program, Forum president Cliff Lonsdale said: “These are unprecedented times for journalists, with the pandemic compounding other safety and stress issues. Many organizations have responded by offering a variety of virtual courses, dealing with handling the pandemic itself, with covering civil unrest, digital security and so on. Our mini-bursaries are designed to help Canadian freelancers and freelancers of other nationalities serving Canadian media, take advantage of these opportunities.” 

Please read the rules carefully. An application form is accessible from the rules page. Applications may be made in English or French, according to the language of the course the applicant wishes to take.