Mini-Bursary Rules

Rules for mini-bursaries competition 2020: 

1. To be eligible for an FFF mini-bursary for virtual safety training during the COVID-19 pandemic, an applicant must be a Canadian citizen, or be able to demonstrate occasional work abroad for Canadian media.

2. Applicants must earn a substantial portion of their living as freelance journalists.

3. Application is open to all journalists who meet the criteria in item 2, including reporters, producers, video and audio operators, photographers and fixers, without restriction as to the medium in which they work.

4. For the purposes of this competition, journalism is defined as involving first-hand journalistic processes, including the gathering of information photos, audio or video, production, direction or editing work that shows attachment to ethical journalistic principles. Field fixers are also included. 

5. A person on contract to a media organization providing them with continuing employment will not be considered to be freelance, regardless of tax status.

6. Applicants will compete for bursaries of up to $400 CAD to attend virtual safety courses provided by any one of the approved course providers listed at the time on the Forum’s website, or by any other journalism organization which the Forum considers appropriate in current circumstances. 

7. Bursary winners will be responsible for booking courses and initial payment of course fees directly to the course provider. Provided all other conditions have been met, bursaries will provide winners with refunds up to the maximum set by the Forum in each case, which will not exceed $400 CAD, on production of proof of payment and virtual attendance. Bursary winners will be responsible for all costs in excess of their bursary amount. 

8. Applicants are required to fill out the application form and submit evidence as required of relevant freelance work if requested.

9. All decisions by the Forum’s bursary committee, including determinations concerning freelance status, are final. 

10. Successful applicants will be required to sign an agreement including an indemnity recognizing that safety training is provided in good faith and that neither the Forum, its officers, directors or agents, nor any of the Forum’s financial supporters, their officers, directors or agents will be liable for damages relating to incidents during the training or consequent to that training.

11. Applications should be submitted in English or French, as appropriate to the course chosen.

Proceed to the online application form.