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Forum Freelance Fund Winners 2017

Four independent journalists working in dangerous places for Canadian media organizations have won bursaries of $2,500 each from the Forum Freelance Fund to help them take hostile environment safety training courses. Meet the 2017 winners:

Adrienne Surprenant is 
photojournalist from 
now based in Cameroon and 
working for
and Canadian media. 
She is 
preparing to report 
from conflict 
zones in south-central Somalia.

Jasmin Lavoie
is a Canadian 
journalist based in Islamabad, Pakistan. 
Some of his work for Canadian and 
international media takes him to the 
dangerous Pakistan/Afghanistan border 

       Annie Sakkab is a Canadian-Palestinian 
photojournalist, based in Toronto, who is 
often assigned to work in the Middle East. 
She has an upcoming assignment for 
The Globe and Mail in Gaza, after which 
she intends to live and work temporarily
 in the West Bank and Israel.She also 
expects to undertake assignments 
eventually in Syria.

Bruce Harrison is an American 
who has been reporting 
South Korea, for five 
years, the last 22 months as a freelance. 
His work is often heard on 
CBC Radio. Recently he covered 
street violence resulting from 
the impeachment of former President 
Park Geun-hye and reported from 
Kuala Lumpur on the assassination of
 Kim Jong-nam, brother of the North 
Korean leader. With tensions rising in 
the Korean peninsula, he is preparing for any contingency. 

The 2017 awards bring the number of freelancers who have been helped by the Forum Freelance Fund to 27, while two more have received training supported by the Portenier Human Rights Bursary. Applications for this year’s Portenier closed June 15. 

The FFF winners were chosen by an independent jury, giving priority to applicants with the most urgent need.

 Read our full media release on CNW.