We presented two Mindset sessions at the 2014 annual conference of the Canadian Association of Journalists in Vancouver. Check out the CAJ website for full information on the conference program and speakers. 

Friday, 9 May, 1:30 pm

PLENARY: "From Fear to Fairness: Covering Mental Illness in Canada"

This plenary will explore one of the most sensitive but urgent subjects in Canadian journalism today: How to achieve better coverage and fairer treatment for millions of Canadians who suffer from mental illness? The session is linked to the launch of Mindset: Reporting on Mental Health, the first Canadian guide to mental health reporting written by journalists for journalists. The project is being produced by the Canadian Journalism Forum on Violence and Trauma in association with CBC News and includes participation by well-known journalists.

ModeratorThe session is moderated by the eminent ethicist and Forum member Stephen J.A. Ward, professor of journalism at the University of Oregon-Portland.

Panelists: Liam Casey, journalist; Susan Inman, author; and Cliff Lonsdale, Forum president.


Saturday, 10 May, 10:20 am

WORKSHOP: "Stigma and Beyond: A discussion about learning how to cover mental illness"

While reporting on mental health has improved in the last ten years, much remains uncharted territory. What knowledge and skills do journalists need to develop stories about mental illness that don’t follow flawed stereotypes? In an unfamiliar landscape, how do we find and tell stories that highlight social issues affecting a broad range of Canadians who suffer now in silence?  This workshop will concentrate on the practicalities of reporting on themes discussed in the plenary session.

Workshop leader: Kathryn Gretsinger, UBC Graduate School of Journalism

Participants: Dr. Bill MacEwan, psychiatrist; Maryse Zeidler and Britney Dennison (UBC Masters candidates).