Risk Awareness Resources


The Forum offers one-day risk awareness workshops for journalism students, by arrangement with Canadian j-schools. We believe, however, that risk awareness should be an integral part of the curriculum rather than an optional extra, and the overwhelming majority of students who have attended our workshops over the 
years have indicated in feedback surveys that they strongly agree.

To those who say there is no room in the curriculum, we say journalism schools have a duty of care towards their students, just as employers have for their employees. Safety education should be a priority. Journalists today face greater physical and emotional risks than ever before, no matter where they work. J-schools that do not adapt to this reality neglect a key responsibility to the students under their care. 

To help journalism educators integrate risk awareness into their existing courses, or to create new ones, we have established this page as a convenient place where appropriate materials available from the Forum and a variety of other sources can be accessed and evaluated.   

We do not imply any licence for educational use of the material created by third parties. Permission to use Forum-generated material, which is marked as such, in j-school classes can be obtained by emailing info@journalismforum.ca .

This page will also offer suggestions as to how educators might approach the topic, with emphasis on domestic as well as foreign reporting risks and the integration of physical and emotional concerns in both. 

For ease of navigation and selection, we offer materials under these categories:

Domestic Reporting


Foreign Reporting

         Brian kelly video


Journalism and Trauma, a 12:15 video by the BBC Academy, provides an excellent overview of the emotional impact events can have on journalists, with first-person accounts by BBC correspondents, producers, editors and managers. It covers examples of what can happen to journalists both in foreign trouble-spots and in domestic situations. 

Cyber Security

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