Our fifth annual competition for bursaries opens May 15. These bursaries help freelancers attend hazardous environment training courses - the same kind of courses staffers get. We don’t encourage freelancers to place themselves in danger. We try to ensure they know how to avoid unnecessary risks and how to handle dangers that increasingly befall journalists in many situations abroad. 

Click on the link above for details of the 2015 bursary competition, which will open on May 15. 

Mindset: Reporting on Mental Health / En-tête: Reportage et santé mentale. 
Our bilingual project on mental health reporting in Canada -- produced by journalists for journalists

Please visit our new, separate Mindset website to find out more. You can download a field guide for quick reference -- or dig into the website for more context and resources. And you can help build the project by offering reference material, suggesting a discussion group, or sending a question to a mentor. Click here to visit our French-language website for more details.

Click here for details of our latest Mindset event, a town hall held at the University of Calgary on March 11, 2015.