The Portenier Human Rights Bursary competition for 2018 is now closed, after attracting 44 applications from 32 countries around the world. It provides an opportunity for an independent journalist or documentary-maker of any nationality working on a significant human rights project that may place them in danger to obtain hostile environment training. An independent jury will consider a short list of finalists, and the winner is expected to be announced by the end of July. The bursary is sponsored by the renowned human rights documentary producer, Giselle Portenier, who is a member of the Forum’s board of directors. Details here.

Five freelancers working in dangerous places around the world for Canadian and other media will receive Forum Freelance Fund (FFF) bursaries for hostile environment training this year, the Forum announced May 28th.This brings the total number of freelancers who have received such bursaries from the Canadian Journalism Forum on Violence and Trauma since 2010 to 32. Details hereAnd read our full media release - voir notre communiqué de presse.


  Other safety training opportunities for freelancers

Through its membership
in the ACOS Alliance the Forum is now able to bring more safety training options to the attention of freelance journalists, in addition to our own bursary programs. ACOS (A Culture of Safety) is an unprecedented international coalition of news organizations, freelance journalist associations and press freedom organizations. In August 2017 it launched its Standard Safety Training Form in conjunction with a 3-day hostile environment training course offered to freelancers by the James W. Foley Legacy Foundation. Applications for that course had to be submitted by September 1. 

The database created by these and future applications will be available to all ACOS member organizations which offer free or financially-assisted safety training opportunities for freelancers. Those who complete the form may be offered other safety training opportunities run by ACOS members as they arise. More information is on the form header and the ACOS website. Please note: The rules of the Forum Freelance Fund and the Portenier Human Rights Bursary do not apply.

Edmonton freelance writer O
mar Mouallem is the winner of the 2017 Mindset Award for Workplace Mental Health Reporting / le prix En-Tête pour le reportage sur la santé mentale en milieu de travail for his Buzz-Feed News feature: “Oil, Heartbreak, and Manhood: Behind the Mental Health Crisis of Albert’s Oil Workers”. He received the award from Forum President Cliff Lonsdale at the annual CAJ Awards gala in Toronto on Saturday, May 5th.  

CBC’s Ioanna Roumeliotis received an honourable mention prize for her feature on The National, The Hidden Toll of Duty, which explored the mental health problems of people chosen to serve as jurors on grizzly and distressing trials. Other members of the production team cited were Corinne Seminioff (producer), Brenda Witmer (editor) and Jean-François Bisson (camera).

Second edition of Mindset has a new 
chapter on mental health reporting in indigenous communities.

Mindset: Reporting on Mental Health / En-Tête: Reportage et Santé Mentale is the Forum's
 bilingual project on mental health reporting in Canada -- produced by journalists for journalists6,000 copies are in use in newsrooms and journalism classrooms across the country.

Please visit our separate Mindset website to find out more. You can download a field guide for quick reference -- or dig into the website for more context and resources. And you can help build the project by offering reference material, suggesting a discussion group, or sending a question to a mentor. 

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